Ella & the Snow

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Miss Ella
Miss Ella

Well it’s about time that I introduce our little one….Miss Ella! Handsome and I do not have any children just yet, so this is our little bundle of joy! This is Ella, she is supposed to be a Pocket-Pomeranian (which we have our doubts about), she is 7 years old and fully grown. She weighs about 9 pounds.  Ella has such personality and full of energy as if she were still a puppy!

Snow on the face
Snow on the face

Over the past couple of weeks we have had a large amount of snow, which we are not really used to. Ella has never experienced snow in this amount before, so we decided to take her out in the back yard and see how she does. After watching the video, you can see for yourself that she ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! We couldn’t get her to come in at first, but I think her little paws got cold and she decided to come in. You will notice that she is wearing a coat, now we are not those people…..you know the kind I am talking about… the ones that dress their pets up on a daily basis…. HeHe! We just got her that coat to wear when it is snowing or raining so that she doesn’t get wet! 🙂

Ella ready to go inside!
Ella ready to go inside!

One thought on “Ella & the Snow

    amwash4 said:
    February 21, 2014 at 5:02 AM

    That’s my love!!

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