Simple Roasted Dinner

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Simple Roasted Dinner
Simple Roasted Dinner

So I am all about conserving energy and time! Therefore I like to find ways to cook things together using either just the oven or just the grill. This dinner was inspired by a very cold night….BRRRRR… I don’t know about you, but I am OVER Winter and this cold weather!!! With it being so cold, of course I decided to go with the oven…this way it will warm up the house too! Just FYI I am very cold natured!!! So I have a tendency of standing in front of the oven while cooking to feel the warmth of the oven… I know, crazy… right?….but seriously I stay COLD!!

So I had already decided that I wanted to fix some roasted salmon, and I usually like to have roasted asparagus with salmon. Then I just needed to figure out what to serve with the salmon and asparagus, and I remembered I have this wonderful, easy, and simple recipe for roasted red potatoes. You see a theme here…YES…..everything is to be roasted.

Here’s the plan… I needed to sit down and figure out what the oven temperature was for each recipe and the cooking time.

Salmon           400° –  20-22 minutes

Asparagus      425° –  12-15 minutes 

Potatoes          450° – 30 minutes

In order for me to conserve energy and time I decided to go with the middle temperature 425° for all of the recipes. This way all of the recipes would be cooked in the oven at the same temperature with adjusted times. Now I had to adjust my cooking time. Obviously if the Salmon was going to be cooked at a higher temperature then I would need to adjust the cooking time accordingly. I had to make some adjustments for the potatoes as well.

This is what I came up with….

Salmon           425° –  18-20 minutes

Asparagus      425° –  12-15 minutes 

Potatoes          425° – 35-40 minutes

In order for me to keep things straight… so that I wasn’t putting the asparagus in at the wrong time, I went ahead and prepped everything so that when it was time to go in the oven, it was ready. I started out by prepping the potatoes first and once I got those ready and into the oven (I placed the potatoes on the top rack at this time, however they would have to be moved to the bottom rack to make room for the salmon and asparagus), I sat a time for 15 minutes, which would be the time for me to toss the potatoes and place the salmon in the oven.  I then started on the asparagus. Once the asparagus was ready, I set it aside and began working on my salmon. After the timer went off and I placed the salmon in the oven, I then sat another timer for 10 minutes, which would be the time to toss the potatoes again and then place the asparagus in the oven. Once everything was in the oven I sat one last timer for 15 minutes. At this time I went and cut some french baguette and placed it on a baking sheet.

At the sound of the final timer, I removed the asparagus and potatoes from the oven and put the bread in and then placed the oven on low broil. I prefer to have some little crisp to the edges of my salmon… if you do not like the crisp, and then remove the salmon at this time. Now this process literally takes a few minutes so keep a close eye on the salmon and bread…..and when I say close eye, I mean don’t go flip through the TV or get on the phone…because it will burn QUICK!

VIOLA!!! Everything was ready at the same time and still warm! This process took about an hour from start to finish, with cutting and preparing the recipes to the removal of the salmon and baguette from the oven.

By the way, this is great way to prepare a large amount of food in the same cooking time and this also keeps the clean-up to a minimum. I hope you enjoy the recipes and the extra free time they bring! J


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