Handsome’s Favorites

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So here is my Handsome…..you see now where he gets his name…. he is so handsome! I know, I know, ok so I will move on to his favorites. Anyone who knows Handsome, knows that there are two favorite things he cannot go without (when I say things, I mean food, because I am his favorite thing, j/k, no but really…. Haha)…but back to his favorites…. he absolutely loves chili and red velvet cake. And when I say loves, I mean LOVES!!!! When I cook chili, he will eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner – no exaggeration. Also, he will take chili to work for lunch everyday until it is gone…seriously! Me on the other hand, once I eat something, I may be able to eat it one more time the following day, but after that I am pretty much done with it – not a leftover kind of girl! 🙂 And for the red velvet cake, Handsome has always love Red Velvet Cake, even so much that for his Groom’s cake for our wedding we had Blue Velvet Cupcakes (technically they were red velvet, just the color blue).  I cook almost every night during the week, but most of my cooking is done on the weekends and you can bet that Handsome will request chili and red velvet cookies. So here are two easy and simple recipes for Handsome’s chili and red velvet crinkle cookies. I hope you enjoy!


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