Farmer’s Market Finds

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Farmer's Market Finds
Farmer’s Market Finds

Here in my small Bluegrass town we have a Farmer’s Market on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. This past Tuesday I found some wonderful vegetables at the Farmer’s Market. When the Farmer’s Market is open I try to buy as much of my produce that I can at the market rather than at the grocery store. It is very important to me to buy local and fresh ingredients when cooking. Also there is a certain kind of feeling that comes from bringing fresh vegetables home from a local farm in your home town….it kind of brings things full circle.

Our Farmer’s Market has wonderful fruits and vegetables, but it also has beautiful flower bouquets, baked goods such as breads and muffins, spice rubs and other homemade items. While visiting the Farmer’s Market I picked me up a little breakfast snack….chocolate chip zucchini muffin… and it was delish!!!

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffin
Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffin

So after returning home from the market I came up with some recipes to cook my famer’s market finds for dinner. Plus this gave me the opportunity to use my pressure cooker that Handsome and I got as a wedding gift. Let me tell you this pressure cooker is one fancy kitchen appliance…it is nothing like my grandmother’s pressure cooker! I have to admit I was kind of scared to use it at first, I thought that maybe the top would blow off and put a whole in my ceiling so I waited for Handsome and I to use it together….Haha! And there was no blow up and the green beans and new potatoes turned out amazing!

I hope you enjoy my recipes and get to your local famer’s market and see what you can find to bring home and cook!


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