Our Fixer Upper – Curb Appeal Facelift

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Hello everyone! It’s been awhile….I’m hoping I can get back to blogging. Life is crazy 😜 Since we last spoke 😊 Handsome and I bought and new home! Yay! I am not sure that it is considered a fixer upper by true definition, but I promise you it’s been a fixer upper for us!! Handsome takes care of all the MAN POWER and I get to decorate! Yay!! 

First things first, the front of the house needed a way overdo facelift….so that’s what it got! Out with the old and in with the new!!! 


Please don’t mind the crazy lady on the ladder, she’s just cleaning the cobwebs. Haha! As you can see there was WAY too much white and an aqua door!! Plus the landscaping was out-of-control!! So we put together a plan to give some TLC! 


Ta da!! So we cleaned up the landscaping and laid new mulch, planted some flowers in the planters that were already here, I just gave them a fresh coat of paint. Then we replaced the mailbox and light fixture. We painted the front door and shutters with a really pretty rich blue to bring out the beautiful brick. We also painted white trim around the door. Then we replaced the doorknob, lock and kick plate to match.

Then I made new wreath for the front door. Every new house needs a new wreath! We also ordered the vinyl address for the front door. 

So there’s the front and next we moved inside! 

More to come…..😊


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