Berea Craft Festival & Boone Tavern 

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So Handsome and I took a break from doing projects at the house and went on a day date 😘 That’s correct a day date! By the time we get done with work during the week and whatever were working on over the weekends I am so exhausted that I would never make it to dinner and movie, so we came up with day dates! I really think it’s a neat idea, there is so much to see and so much to do here in the Bluegrass state! 

So we headed to Berea for their annual craft festival. Berea is a quaint town known for its rich history and beautiful crafts. It’s home to a private liberal arts college where the students create amazing art. 

The festival had artists from all around the United States. Some artists were giving live demonstrations on how they make their crafts and there was even artists entertaining with music.

This artist was dying various yarn and wool for knitting, weaving and crocheting. 

There were some artists who were sharing their craft with performing and singing.

Then of course there was food! Amazing food!!!!!! So we had to go visit the Amish because they are known for their amazing FRIED PIES!!!! Amazing! Handsome and I split an apple pie!

Well of course I couldn’t leave with out buying something so I found an artist who took very small flours that he grows and presses them in glass! Absolutely beautiful. This is the one I brought home with me. 

Then Handsome surprised me with lunch at Boone Tavern. Boone Tavern is a historical hotel that was built in 1909 as a guest house for those visiting Berea College. 

The food was AMAZING and the service was none other than southern hospitality! 

Handsome of course ordered the burger and I got the Tavern salad, but nothing beats the traditional spoon bread! If you’ve never had spoon bread you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world but it absolutely wonderful!! Yum!!

After that we went to some of the local shops in the area and there was a student from Berea College making place settings and coasters on the loom. She even gave me a lesson!!!! I was super excited- looks harder than you think, I swear there’s a science behind it! 

It was beautiful day and wonderful day date with my Handsome! 😘

Another adventure in the Bluegrass state, many more to come….