My Big 30! …. Just Getting Started

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My BIG 30!
My BIG 30!

That’s right… I just turned 30 this month. To be exact I turned 30 on Valentine’s Day…yes, you read that correctly… I am a Valentine’s Day baby! I know what you’re thinking…poor Handsome. He does an amazing job every year with my birthday and Valentine’s Day, by making sure were celebrate each occasion. However, I am one of those people who like to celebrate my birthday ALL month long!!! Haha!

However, this year was different, this year was great! I am not one of those people who are really concerned about my age, but turning 30 did make me do some reflection on my life. It’s funny when you’re younger and you think you have everything all figured out with all of your plans…married after college…..have 2 children by the age of 27……. Well, myself, I did not have those exact plans, but I did have plans and certain goals that I wanted to achieve by the time of I was 30! I started thinking back about how certain events have taken place to lead me where I am today and I realized that everything happens for a reason……

Valentine's Day Dinner at Jack Fry's in Louisville, KY
Valentine’s Day Dinner at Jack Fry’s in Louisville, KY

This milestone in my life has reminded me of many things I am grateful for. I am extremely grateful for Handsome. I never thought I would meet someone so wonderful and amazing and I thank God for him everyday!

Celebrating my BIG 30!
Celebrating my BIG 30!

I am also so grateful for my wonderful friends and family! I am so thankful to have wonderful friends to go places and do things with. Handsome and I have the greatest friends.

I am also grateful to have spent my birthday festivities with such wonderful people…. Life is Good!